Capturing Memories

Losing a loved one is an indescribable pain that brings about lots of thoughts on how to hold onto the memories. Those memories we hold onto become our most precious treasures, but what happens when those memories start to fade? For me, the loss of my mother at the age of 16 left a void that I’ve been trying to fill ever since. One of the most painful aspects of her absence is the lack of images we have together, especially those where she’s looking directly at the camera, capturing a moment frozen in time. This absence sparked a profound realization within me, leading me down the path of becoming a photographer.

A rare photo of my mom.

My journey with photography began long before I fully embraced it as a passion and a profession. I remember my mother, a constant presence behind the lens, capturing moments of our lives. She taught me the basics of handling a camera, igniting a spark of interest within me. I dabbled in photography during my teenage years, submitting photos to 4-H competitions, but it wasn’t until later that I truly understood the power and significance of this art form.

The turning point came when I found myself yearning for images of the people I love, especially those who are no longer with us. It hit me like a wave of realization—I didn’t want others to experience the same regret and longing that I did. I wanted to provide a service that went beyond just taking pictures; I wanted to capture moments that would become cherished memories for a lifetime.

Photography became my medium for preserving memories, for immortalizing the fleeting moments that define our lives. Through the lens of my camera, I strive to capture the essence of people—their joy, their love, their quirks, and their vulnerabilities. Each click of the shutter is a testament to the beauty of human connection, a reminder that every moment, no matter how small, is worth treasuring.

But it’s not just about snapping photos; it’s about creating an experience, about making people feel seen and valued. I understand firsthand the importance of capturing images where loved ones are looking directly at the camera, where their essence is preserved in a single frame. It’s a privilege and a responsibility that I don’t take lightly.

Every time I pick up my camera, I’m not just taking pictures; I’m creating a legacy. I’m providing families with tangible memories that they can hold onto forever. And in doing so, I’m honoring the memory of my mother, who instilled in me a love for photography and the power of preserving moments.

Through the lens of my camera, I’ve found healing, purpose, and a profound connection to the world around me. It’s a journey that continues to unfold, one frame at a time. And as I capture the beauty of life through my lens, I’m reminded of the preciousness of every moment and the power of photography to transcend time and space. I hope that you will take the time to capture special moments so generations can enjoy them in the years to come.

May 17, 2024

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